Yes, well–sometimes life gets in the way, right?  Obviously, the card challenge pwned me.  Please don’t think I have been sitting around eating bon-bons–although we have been drinking some wine–we have been prepping for our BIG CRAFT DAY!!!  That’s right, on Saturday we are hosting a 4-5 hour event complete with lunch and a boatload of fun projects.  We are making a version of the Boo Banner, Sami’s fabulous mixed media Thanksgiving canvas, Gina’s amazing project (Is it a Christmas card?  Is it an ornament?  It’s two, two, two projects in one!), a flip card and a coffee cup project.  

Stay tuned for photos!

The other thing I have been working on is a Save the Date for my daughter’s fiance’s sister’s  (got that?) March wedding.  Can’t show you that either–cause that would ruin the surprise.  

SO, because I like pictures, here’s a fun birthday card I made some months ago–I do like the shutter cards!



DIdn’t make it with anyone in mind–just wanted to try the technique.  Here is a link to a great tutorial:

You can always find GREAT info on the Split Coast Stampers site–and I love how they are organized.  I promise to get back on this after our event.  Until then, enjoy your day!  Linda


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