A funny thing happened on my way to a challenge…



Alright–so forget the challenge–at least for now–too much happening to be able to handle it!

My older daughter is getting married next May.  My dear friend Sami (click to see her blog–she is a fabulous inspiration!!) gave Kendall her first shower–a Pampered Chef shower!  We had a ball making all kinds of yummy Pampered Chef recipes and picking out gifts for Kendall and Michael.  

The ovens were the shower favors–Jordan made delicious Orange Burst Cupcakes (yes, from a Pampered Chef recipe!) to fill them and they were a huge hit!  Sami and I spent an evening at her dining room table putting them together.  

Here is a photo of one opened:



Someone ate the cupcake–but, you get the idea.  

Am working on Homecoming mums and garters for Jordan and her cousins–might be doing one for a friend of hers as well–so, while not exactly stamp-related, they are one of the many crafts I enjoy–so will post those later.  

Sami and I are also getting ready for our next Stampin’ Saturday–we are making Christmas Cards and gift tags.  Will post my projects as soon as they are presentable!  

Until then–Linda



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