Christmas tags

Yes, I have been temporarily MIA–work is crazy busy (praise God!) and I have been traveling–so slacking on the blog posts.  Have no fear, it’s not like I haven’t been crafting!  

So, Sami and I decided to have a Christmas card/tag day–she made the cards and I made the tags–and a box so that you can give them as a gift.  Mine will be going to my favorite aunt–I always wrap her Christmas presents when we visit them at Thanksgiving–we sit in her room with the door shut and the football games on and she writes the tags while I wrap the gifts.  My daughters think I am crazy, but I find it very soothing!  So, here is the box–



And here are the tags.  I didn’t make multiples of each like we did on Saturday–so I will be making more so that she has a full assortment!